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Plot your business course for the 21st century
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Your Business Onramp to the drivers of Growth in the New Era

Globally we are transitioning into a new era of growth that will characterize 2021-2031. Like previous economic cycles we come into this one emerging from a period of difficult turbulence. Business fortunes are made and lost in times of transition. Those who recognise the new trends surf a wave of connection and prosperity while businesses too slow to exit from hibernation will struggle in the tide.

The new era is a WHO era, building on purpose to connect community, and connect an ecosystem incorporating customer, supplier, partner and supporter organisations. Every business and every owner has a place within the ecosystem. An opportunity to define themselves and how they contribute to the causes, profits and culture of the community they serve through growing and prospering as a leader in their industry.

Find Your Formula is the gateway to identifying this opportunity as it presents itself for your business.

  • 1.5hr high value, no cost workshop.
  • Delivered in both in-Person and Live Online formats.
  • Designed to help you identify growth strategies to position your business in 2021 & beyond.


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